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  1. Create an account here Register
  2. On your Safaricom phone go the M-PESA menu
  3. Select SEND MONEY.
  4. Enter PHONE NUMBER +254714497853
  5. Enter the amount for the plan you are going for. See Prices Here Note: Do not send less than the amount of the plan otherwise, your account will not be activated.
  6. Confirm Name VINCENT
  7. Follow subsequent prompts to complete the transaction
  8. After the successful payment, send your (1) Name (2) Email Address (3) Amount Paid (4) Plan to +254743322873 (WhatsApp) or +254714497853 (SMS) or
  9. Your account will be activated instantly and you will have access to the relevant VIP section.

You can also make payment using PayPal (if you have a PayPal account)
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